The Volta Collaborative is a multidisciplinary team of designers, researchers and educators who teach the methods and processes for generating on-demand creativity and sparks of insight that drive disruptive innovation.

We do this through Design education workshops and creative leadership development, with an approach that has been developed in collaboration with thought-leaders and innovators from across industry and the frontiers of academia.

R Campbell

For over 15 years, I have cultivated a meta approach to interdisciplinary research and holistic systems design processes

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Jill Yoe Graves

Jill attended graduate school at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she pursued her MFA in Design concentrating on the visual design & the practice of service design using a holistic, more humancentered approach to create effective and …

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Dustin Larimer

As a lifetime student of technology, social complexity, economics, organizational anthropology and life systems I practice Design Intelligence as a catalyst for igniting and accelerating meaningful change.

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  • Robert Fee
  • Christine Miller, Ph.D.
  • Scott Boylston
  • David Miller
  • Patrick Shay
  • Sam Kirkland
  • Bernard J. Canniffe
  • Ursula Tischner
  • Greg Courtney